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Sophisticated Data Integration


Data Lake classification into different zones such as Landing, Annotation and Enrichment.


Use advanced technologies like Apache Spark, Presto, Databricks for seamless data ingestion and distributed data processing.


Identify security roles and apply robust authentication policies for security risk and data breach mitigation.


Create robust authorization schemes with advanced encryption mechanisms ensuring information security. 


Cloud Data Analytics Setup 

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Address key platform issues and pick up the most suitable cloud services.

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Refine data processing steps and select the optimum compute components. 

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Select domain-driven storage design with high availability. 

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Automate Platform builds and DevOps to speed up the platform setup. 

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Holistic Platform and applications Security and Governance.


Big Data Architecture

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Discover and identify big data needs. 

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Select the custom-tailored AI models based on your data.

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Mixed architecture definition and corresponding service delivery. 

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Identify key features and portions of data relevant to the organization.

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Implement Access Control Lists to ensure big data safety. 


Assessment and Auditing


Assess existing solutions to optimize and/or extend as per business needs.


Create custom solutions for existing modules to bridge compatible pipelines. 


Analyze and patch/refactor existing models on a periodic basis.

Decommission existing solutions while avoiding anomalies and data loss. 

Audit information systems for data security and vulnerability elimination. 


Make accumulated data visually interactive using tools like Power BI, Tableau. 


Define data security authorization on reports to avoid data leaks to the untargeted audience. 


Define different sorts of reports on the dashboard to provide the whole data picture.


Customize existing dashboards to optimize latency and redundancy across different reports.


Success Story

Our Big Data work:
  • We have successfully migrated multiple organizations to cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, etc while making the transition process hassle-free and robust.

  • We have successfully integrated various organizations data spread across various sources (e.g. SAP, Salesforce, Relational DB, etc.) to a central consolidated data platform. 

  • We have implemented security concepts like Authentication, Authorization (ACLs, SSL Certification), and Accounting in order to help organizations manage resources better.

  • We have designed and deployed cost-effective architecture using the Big-Data / Data Lake concepts and enhanced the scalability. 

  • We have successfully introduced organizations digitization initiatives by identifying and resolving gaps/inconsistencies in their processes.

  • We have prepared a wide variety of analytical dashboards for organizations with tools such as Power BI, Grafana, tableau etc.

Measurable & proven benefits:


We have redefined the operational architecture of various organizations and on average achieved 20% of cost reduction per month per unit. 


Apart from cloud-specific solutions, we have deployed open-source solutions like Kafka, Spark and Airflow to break the proprietary paradigm.


From a deployment perspective of digitization initiatives, we have helped organizations reduce manpower by an average of 40%. 


We have helped organizations to reduce data redundancies by an average of 20% with data schemas normalization at different layers.

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"As CIO of a global company, I have gained a lot of experience with solution providers. What makes Tvarit stand out here is their deep understanding of the  manufacturing processes and their challenges. With a deep insight in focus areas to address for improvements, Tvarit has been able to deliver a high degree of innovativeness within short project implementation times. TVARIT industrial AI (TiA) provides clearly understandable insights into the manufacturing processes and helps to achieve objective and measurable results (such as improving OEE and the reduction of scrap)."

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Esteban Remecz

Vice President & CIO

Maxion Wheels


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The Team 

Our team consists of 18+ highly qualified data engineering experts, Indian innovativeness and German precision, industrial experience, and academic R&D - united by the passion for technology.

Constantin Keller

Consultancy Sales Rep

Rahul Prajapat


Alessandra Pickerill

Marketing Manager

Tobias Gundermann

Lead Sales

Sudhanshu Chauhan

Senior Data Engineer

Kamal Galrani

Senior Data Engineer

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